Who We Are

GUARANI Association is a non-profit organization composed of interdisciplinary professionals of different nationalities. Our mission is to develop projects for the social-labor integration of immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and other groups at risk of social exclusion. 

Guaraní was founded in 2006. For more than ten years, it has been developing public projects and programmes financed by the Community of Madrid, the Spanish Government, the ESF, ERASMUS+ and AMIF Programmes.

During its professional path, Guaraní has adapted to social changes to develop an intervention model based on the specific needs of vulnerable people and on the respect to their autonomy and freedom.

Our work methodology pursues a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach, since our experience demonstrated that a single cause cannot explain the social vulnerability. There are always different conditions and difficulties that affect several areas of one’s life.

Our Objectives Are To:

  • Promote integration and coexistence between immigrants and host societies through mutual recognition of their rights and duties as citizens.
  • Collaborate with public institutions in the transmission of the values of coexistence in Spain and the EU.
  • Develop actions for the recognition of the professional competences of immigrants and their professional recycling.
  • Inform immigrants about the conditions of the labour market in Spain and the EU and promote actions to improve their employability through non-formal education & training.
  • To develop projects and actions to promote the social integration of minors, youth and migrant families.

The Experience of Guarani is Based on:

Social Network Profiles and Contact Information

Country: Spain






Tel: +34 914 04 04 83

Legal Representative: Mrs. Nieves Arroyo

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